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Handi-Cane, Stands by You

Handi-Cane, Stands by You

Handi-Cane, Stands by You

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Product Details

This unique cane stays safely and conveniently in place by a desk, table or chair.

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The Handi-Cane solves the dilemma of how to keep a cane immediately handy, upright and ready to use, without creating a tripping hazard. The Handi_Cane looks like a standard cane but includes a spring activated arm that is placed under a table's edge, wedging the cane securely to the table. This will hopefully eliminate the need to ever have to bend down to retrieve a fallen cane. The handle remains in sight, above the table top, within reach ready to remove the cane from its temporary resting position.


Black, contoured T-handle for secure and comfortable grip.

Lightweight, aluminum shaft with a non-slip rubber tip.

Removable wrist strap

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How to Use a Cane

Hold the cane in the hand opposite the injury or weakness (for example, you would hold the cane in your right hand if your left leg is injured or weaker). Keep your elbow close to your body and your hand near your hip. Your hand should not move forward or out to the side--you should just pivot the wrist joint. Move the cane forward as you step forward with the bad leg. When weight is placed on the bad leg the cane will give support from the opposite side. Step past the cane with the good foot.

Check this link to view the Metro, Compact Folding Walker,a lightweight and super compact folding walker.

  • Stands securely upright next to table, desk or chair
  • Ergonomic handle shape for comfortable fit into the hand
  • Height adjustable for best fit with owner
  • Lightweight, aluminum shaft with a non-slip rubber tip
  • Wrist strap helps keep cane in hand, reduces chance of dropping